Razpis za sodelovanje v delovni skupini ER-WCPT


Spoštovane članice in spoštovani člani,

obveščamo vas o možnosti sodelovanja v delovnih skupinah ER-WCPT. Spodaj prilagamo več informacij.

Zainteresirani se lahko prijavijo na [email protected] do 22.5.2018. Pogoji: članstvo v ZFS (poravnane obveznosti za leto 2018), primerne reference za področje, za katerega želite kandidirati. Prosimo, da prijavi priložite svoj CV.

Hvala in lepo pozdravljeni.

Invitation to the Member Organisations to nominate Physiotherapists for the European Region of the WCPT Working Groups 2018 – 2020

Article 6 of the Charter of the European Region of the WCPT reads as follows:

6.1     The Executive Committee may establish working groups to fulfil certain tasks or develop areas of specific interest.

6.2     The working groups are advisory bodies of the Executive Committee and must act within the responsibility of the Executive Committee.

6.3     The working groups may include members from associations with special interest and knowledge. The Executive Committee will appoint the Chairman.

6.4     The Executive Committee must establish general rules for the framework of the working groups.

The Executive Committee has established four Working Groups for the period 2018 -2020. The term of office of the current members of the Working Groups terminated at the General Meeting in April 2018. The Executive Committee believes that it is important to maintain continuity of work especially where this is on-going. Some members, if re-nominated, may be selected to undertake a further term of office. The costs for WG members will be borne by the respective organisation for the two-year period.

Those appointed to the WGs will carry that mandate for the whole period and they will be supported to participate in the following GM to present the work of the group. They can be observers in addition to the Member Organisation delegation.

At the 2012 GM, a motion was adopted to create a 4th WG of the European Region related to its Foundation. The Foundation WG will be composed as follows:

3 or 4 members from MOs with experience in gaining EU funding as a criterion for selection. ENPHE will be invited to nominate a candidate, who fulfils the same requirements. The Executive Committee will select the chair of the Foundation WG from among those selected to sit on the Foundation WG. The WG will meet in Brussels, Belgium, at least once a year. It will meet with EU officials, identify topics to present applications for funding and prepare them. Funding applications will be mostly related to the grants of the EU commission DG Education – Erasmus + – Skills development (Executive Agency EACEA) and DG Sante – 3rd Health Programme (Executive Agency CHAFEA) initially.

Member Organisations are invited to submit nominations for participation in the following Working Groups of the European Region of the WCPT during the period 2016 – 2018:

  • Education Matters Working Group
  • EU Matters Working Group
  • Professional Issues Working Group
  • ER-WCPT Foundation Working Group

Please use the attached nomination form and send it to the Secretariat not later than 25 May 2018.

As part of the submission, the nominees will provide a Curriculum Vitae and an outline of interest or experience in relation to the subject area of the respective Working Group.

Each nomination must have the approval of their national Member Organisation since they will be responsible for full financial support of the nominee to attend the meetings.

For your information the planned dates for the first meeting of each WG 2018 – 2020 is as follows:

  • 20 – 22 September 2018 – EU Matters WG
  • 27 – 29 September 2018  – Professional Issues Working Group
  • 6 – 8 October 2018 – Education Matters Working Group
  • October – November 2018  – TBC – ER-WCPT Foundation WG

You will also find attached the WGs Terms of Reference 2018

Call WGs 2018 – 2020

2018 Terms of Reference WGs